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A Nonprofit Organization Improves Morale and Retention by Showcasing Full Value of Total Rewards


A Nonprofit organization was struggling with a dissatisfied employee base who did not feel they were being adequately compensated. At the heart of it was a lack of understanding of the complete value of their total compensation package, or Total Rewards. They viewed their compensation as salary alone, without considering things like benefits, bonuses, and other compensation-related opportunities available to them. This lack of awareness led to a negative workplace environment—underscored by poor morale, multiple employee complaints, and high turnover—that interfered with the company's ability to meet strategic goals and sustain competitive operations.



Atwater Martin began by completing an extensive review of all the benefits and programs available to employees, looking at the financial contributions and available programs beyond salary that contribute to their household savings. Using that information, we developed a personalized Total Rewards Profile for each employee, with a detailed description of the complete benefits and services they were currently receiving, as well as the opportunities and programs that were available to them. We also established a communication plan, which included training for people managers on how to convey this information effectively, a personalized communication to each employee, and comprehensive breakdowns that showcased the organization's financial commitment to employees’ overall benefits package.



With a holistic understanding of their total compensation package and the available opportunities, employees felt more valued and acknowledged. By educating employees and clearing up the damaging misconceptions, the client saw an overall increase in job satisfaction, higher retention, and a more engaged workforce.


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