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Simple, Cost-Effective
HR Automation Solutions
Customized to Your Business

What is HR Automation? HR automation uses technology and software to automate various human resources (HR) processes and tasks. The goal of HR automation is to streamline and optimize HR functions, making them more efficient, consistent, and data-driven.


When done manually, you risk inaccuracies and inefficiencies that can stall your business momentum, while advanced software solutions are costly, often saddling you with unneeded features and steep ongoing fees. At Atwater Martin, we believe in a different approach—one that arms your business with HR Automation solutions that are powerful in function, simple in form, and don’t lock you into restrictive long-term contracts.


Our in-house HR Automation experts will work with you to implement easy-to-use digital solutions to help you automate and streamline your compensation management processes, without the costly bells and whistles of a big-box solution. Each of our solutions are customized to your business, your data, and your budgetary requirements, which means you get exactly what you need at an affordable cost.


Atwater Martin’s comprehensive suite of HR Automation tools include:

  • Customized HRIS (Human Resources Information System): Centralize your HR data for better decision-making and reporting.

  • Compensation Planning Tool: Design, manage, and automate your employee payment structures and benefits.

  • AMJETT Job Evaluation Tool: Make informed decisions that ensure your compensation packages are not only competitive but also reflect the strategic importance of each role.

  • Total Rewards Profiles: Create a comprehensive view of total employee compensation, including direct pay, benefits, and long-term incentives, to improve transparency and employee satisfaction.

  • Employee Leave Tracking Solution: Stay compliant with labor laws and regulations by accurately tracking employee leaves.




By integrating easy-to-use IT solutions into your compensation practices, you can:

  • Budget more accurately and manage funds effectively

  • Clearly communicate total compensation to employees

  • Establish equitable and market-aligned compensation to help you recruit and retain top talent

  • Enhance operational efficiency by reducing the time spent on manual compensation management

  • Gain actionable insights with analytics to inform your compensation strategy and adjust as needed


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