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AMJETT: Atwater Martin
Job Evaluation Technology Tool

In the fiercely competitive talent marketplace, recruiting and retaining top talent has become increasingly complex—and offering competitive compensation plays a crucial role. But what exactly does “competitive” mean? It’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. It involves a delicate balance that considers internal and external equity to attract and retain a workforce that is engaged, motivated, and high-performing. 


AMJETT is a proprietary job evaluation architecture offered exclusively by Atwater Martin that provides the insights and strategies you need to make informed compensation decisions—whether you’re trying to determine compensation for specific roles, distribute bonus rewards, plan promotions, or evaluate pay structure changes.  


The AMJETT process follows a series of carefully orchestrated steps that include:

  1. Comprehensive evaluation of your business and needs: A weight is assigned to your organization's strategy, goals, and job factors (e.g., education, experience, leadership level, and the degree to which each role propels your business forward).

  2. Data-driven insights: Next, we pull real-time data from multiple third-party survey sources to identify compensation trends and market benchmarks.

  3. Job valuation: Using an advanced scoring technique, AMJETT blends the information gathered in a software-based tool to determine an appropriate job title and compensation specific to each role. 

  4. Training and hand-off: After the initial project is completed, we deliver your customized tool and train your team on it for ongoing use.

  5. Managed services (as needed): If you prefer, we offer expert managed services, serving as your organization's internal compensation department.




A highly customized job evaluation system

Comprehensive research

Data, expertise, and an easy-to-use tool

“ This (AmJett) is one of the best systems we've ever implemented and that includes working with global consultants. "

- VP, Strategic HR, Global Healthcare Consultancy


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