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What I Learned about Talent Strategy from My Summer Roadtrip

Like everyone around the country, with pandemic restrictions receding, many of us have been eager to take a vacation this year. My husband and I were one of these couples. Whether by plane, train, bus, or car we had to decide what method of transportation we would take to get there.

How did we figure it out? First, we discussed each of our goals for an enjoyable trip. Then we used the following factors to guide our decision:

  • Place: There were several places we wanted to visit and made a list.

  • Time: We needed to reach our final destination by a certain date as we were meeting family and friends.

  • Cost: The experience had to be worth the cost.

  • Environment: We enjoy each other’s company, and both like to learn new things and explore.

After reviewing this vacation criteria, I began thinking that these same four considerations can be applied at work when thinking about acquiring and retaining today’s workplace talent. As organizations continue to navigate this newfangled hiring marketplace, here’s how they translate:

When planning our vacation, the answers to these questions were critical, however it was the fourth topic, Environment/Culture that most affected our final decision as to the type of vacation and method of transportation. We knew we wanted to have shared moments and adventures together that we would both enjoy.

Likewise, when developing the best Talent Acquisition and Retention strategy for your organization, keep in mind that when all things are equal, your candidate will also select the organization with the best Environment/Culture. Culture should form the foundation of your strategy, with all people related policies and programs linked to a desirable culture in which people enjoy working together.

The result? The powerful ability for your organization to acquire and retain the talent you need to meet business growth goals.

So, what method of transportation did we end up taking? Our vehicle: and as we made stops along the way, we received some unexpected yet pleasant surprises that made our trip most pleasurable. The Environment/Culture factor was indeed the most important part of our journey.

Want help setting up your roadmap for a successful talent strategy? I’d love to chat with you.


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