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How to Use HR Technology to Grow Your Business

Remember when...

...the administration of people related programs were considered the most important work of Human Resources? When you were invited to a company leadership strategic meeting in which you had to decide what was most important—processing something or attending that meeting?

Perhaps you did attend that meeting and another leader would ask you a question regarding THE HUMAN RESOURCES of the organization and you had to respond, “I’ll have to get back to you on that.” Then, either you or someone on your team would spend hours, which turned into days pulling data from several different sources to piece together an answer to the question? And, by then they had already made a decision based on inaccurate data based on a “gut feeling?”

Then they stopped asking.

In todays competitive talent marketplace, it is imperative for organizations to make the best decisions based on accurate data regarding their existing talent. Why? Because the growth goals of the business can only be accomplished if the talent is available and at hand.

Having growth related people data allows you to:

  • Provide valuable input on how to deploy current talent in relationship to strategic growth goals;

  • Complete an analysis regarding current state--quickly;

  • Identify skill gaps to accomplish strategic growth goals;

  • Streamline processes to increase available time working on the latter;

  • Provide “just-in-time” reporting of people metrics;

  • Provide results of major Human Resources processes including: recruiting, performance management, culture, training and development, and compensation.

See how quickly you can answer these common leadership inquiries:

  • How many employees do you have near retirement age in the next three (3) years and what skills will be leaving with them?

  • What percent of employees have received a promotion or recognition during the last 12 months?

  • What is your Q1 2022 turnover in relationship to Q1 2021?

  • What department has the highest turnover?

  • Do you have the talent required to develop and implement a new product or service?

  • Do your employees understand their Total Rewards and the value of staying with your organization?

Having the proper technology in place can help you find the answers to these questions in a matter of seconds. And that means you can provide leadership with the response they need in order to make decisions that will increase business revenue more quickly than ever before.

If the scenario above sounds familiar and your Human Resources Department is spending a significant amount of time on manual processes, let’s chat. We have proven solutions that have worked for a multitude of companies and are sure we can help you with your growth initiatives.


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