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2024 Jobs Survey, Sponsored by City of Marshall, TX

The marketplace has become more and more competitive. It has become increasingly more critical that organizations recruit and retain highly skilled and quality talent. Talent strategies are a key component in executing company goals to deliver the highest quality products and services. An important element of talent acquisition and retention strategy is ensuring that employees are paid competitively within the organization’s relevant markets for talent and in alignment with the organization’s compensation philosophy. To that end, the City of Marshall is extending an invitation to participate in a compensation survey to select municipalities.

The 2024 Jobs Survey can provide data to assist in determining if your compensation practices are competitive, and may highlight compensation-related issues.

The survey includes 61 managerial, supervisory, and non-supervisory technical and administrative positions in addition to sworn service positions in Fire and Police Civil Service.

Your agreement to participate is made with the understanding that you will not share the results of the Survey with any person or entity outside of your respective participating organization. All responses will be collected and maintained by Atwater Martin in strict confidentiality; no individual Survey responses shall be shared with any participant, including the Survey sponsor.

The City of Marshall is providing all Survey participants a complimentary electronic copy of the tabulated aggregate report of the Jobs Survey which will be published in July 2024.

To participate, download the Jobs Survey here:



Submit your completed Excel file no later than MAY 8, 2024 to:

Save the file to your hard drive. You will find the following 8 worksheets: 
1. Participant Information 
2. Introduction 
3. Survey Instructions 
4. Survey Positions 
5. Compensation Data Form (input job compensation data on this form) 
6. Glossary of Terms 
7. About Atwater Martin 
8. Anti-Trust Guidelines 

For questions regarding the Job Survey, contact Gisele Rodriguez at


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