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Technology Company Boosts Employee Retention and Talent Acquisition Through Strategic Compensation Management 

A Technology company had been managing its employee compensation program without using any kind of standardized methodology. This not only created pay inequities across the organization, but also kept them in the dark about their competitiveness in attracting talent in the industry. These inconsistencies led to staff turnover, inefficient budgeting, a weakened organizational culture, and difficulty hiring.
Atwater Martin began by reviewing and analyzing the client’s needs, challenges, and existing processes, then developed a formal pay structure leveraging reliable third-party data based on the company's industry, size, and geographic location. To rectify existing inequities, we conducted a thorough analysis for every employee and recommended pay adjustments where appropriate to ensure competitiveness with the market for talent. 

Since implementing the formal pay structure, the company enjoys a more robust hiring process in place and is now able to offer more competitive pay in the relevant markets. By addressing inequities with fairer pay and a data-backed structure, they also radically improved the culture, increased job satisfaction, and heightened employee engagement. 

Image by Dorian Hurst
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