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Helping Hiring Managers Find the Right Talent


Analysis of Current Recruitment
  • Discuss the company's current approach to recruitment and identify areas of improvement.

  • Discuss the volume of recruiting needs and understand company policies and benefits packages for new hires.

Internal Review
  • Meetings with Hiring Managers to understand culture and expectations.

  • Reviewing and Updating Job Descriptions for accuracy.

  • Comparing internal positions to maintain pay equity.

  • Provide interview packets to ensure the organization understands the legal aspects and types of questions.

Launching External Recruitment
  • Post on Indeed, Internal Companies website, Atwater Martin Website, on Linkedin as a post, and outsource to local colleges for QR code flyers at Job Fairs.

  • After 5 days of no identified candidates, obtain company authorization to post on Linkedin recruiting (surcharge).

Identifying Candidates + Pre-Screening Calls
  • Creating a Candidate pool to prescreen with questions derived from the job description.

  • Identify at least five qualified and interested candidates to set up interviews with the hiring manager.

Interview Rounds
  • First interview zoom with Atwater Martin with behavioral interview questions. 

  • Final interview in person with hiring managers with a tour of the office and meeting select staff.

Discuss Findings + Candidates
  • Touch base with the hiring manager for the final selected candidate.

  • Conduct necessary background checks and obtain all new hire paperwork.

  • Once approved, plan the employees' first week by getting to know the company, team, and the role.

Personalized Training
  • Work with the employee and direct manager to create a timeline for training to ensure talent retention and success.

  • Follow-up meetings after 1-2 weeks with the hiring manager and new employee for thoughts and training progress.

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