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Designed to motivate, enable and inform participants about best practice HR solutions.


Through decades of experience, Atwater Martin professionals have gained advanced expertise in the most critical and relevant HR topics for today's workplace. Many organizations across the U.S. have benefitted through this popular series and we'd love to share these valuable lessons with you! The educational seminars are now available virtually and at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. Contact us below to book your date today.

Job Descriptions are Old Fashioned and No Longer Useful. Not!


During this webinar, attendees will learn the basics of documenting relevant job information in order to support HR decisions concerning performance management, employee development, reasonable ADA accommodation and classification.

If yours is like most organizations, it might be a while since you thought about job descriptions or perhaps even looked at them. This can be a big mistake. Job descriptions are your first line of defense against discrimination charges, violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and even classification claims under FLSA. If they're not updated, inaccurate or too broad, they can hurt your defense. Be prepared with guidance from our experts.

FLSA: It's Not Just Alphabet Soup. Take it Seriously!

This webinar will offer critical how-tos that you can use to audit and correct areas of possible exposure to compliance violations.

According to their 8th Annual Litigation Trends Survey,  Fulbright and Jaworski, LLP reports that wage and hour litigation involving multi-plaintiff actions is the area that will see the greatest increase for the foreseeable future. Most U.S. companies indicate they will spend over $100,000 in lawsuits related to wage and hours due to stricter regulations. Discover how you can avoid being on this list.


How Susceptible to Workplace Violence is YOUR Workplace?

Get valuable information on taking the necessary steps to implement a plan that assures you are well prepared for an act of violence in the workplace.


With the increase of violent activity, employers need to be concerned about the degree to which they are prepared to respond to an incident of violence. Current policies and procedures need to be reviewed for effectiveness while all employees from the ground up should be well versed in what to do in the event of an act of violence. In addition, front line supervisors are key players in planning and prevention and can benefit from conflict management training.

Is Turnover Good or Bad? Depends on Who's Leaving, Staying and Why?


This webinar provides a checklist for determining the cost of turnover. It will also arm you with a proven process for analyzing turnover data including which employees are leaving and why, and alert you as to whether there is an issue you need to address.

Turnover is a cost of doing business. The amount of cost is proportional to the employees you lose, employees who stay and whether your best performers and "key" people are leaving. It's time to discover why.

Strategies for Facilitating Inclusion in the Workforce


Companies that actively pursue diversity and inclusion not only achieve their desired business outcomes, but also gain a distinct competitive edge due to the valuable benefits these practices offer. But what does inclusion really mean in terms of your workplace?

Learn hands-on strategies for connecting inclusion with enhanced employee engagement and business outcomes, and determining approaches to evaluate the efficacy of inclusion initiatives.

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