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The marketplace has become more and more competitive. It has become increasingly more critical that organizations recruit and retain highly skilled and quality talent. Talent strategies are a key component in executing company goals to deliver the highest quality products and services. An important element of talent strategies is to ensure that employees are paid competitively and in alignment with the organization’s compensation philosophy. 

The 2022 Power Community Survey of select electric utilities in the Texas area will provide data to determine if your employees’ compensation is appropriate and highlight any compensation related issues.


The survey includes the following 67 electric utility benchmark jobs:

  • Executive;

  • Leadership;

  • Supervisory;

  • Exempt Professional, and

  • Non-Exempt (including Technicians)


Data provided includes:

  • Salaries or Base Pay;

  • Recruitment and Retention;

  • Incentives; and

  • Allowances/Pay Premiums


This survey is sponsored by Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU).


If your organization would like to participate in the 2022 Power Community Survey or receive more information, please fill out the form below and we will contact you. So that an analysis can be completed by 2014 and 2018 participants, the previous “Job Numbers” are provided. However, this survey contains new jobs that were not included in prior surveys and not all jobs included in prior surveys are included in the 2022 survey.

Your agreement to participate is made with the understanding that you will not share the results of the Survey with any person or entity outside of your respective participating organization.










Thanks! We will contact you shortly.


Save the file to your hard drive. You will find the following 10 worksheets:

     1. Introduction

     2. Participant Information

     3. Instructions for Worksheets

     4. Job Directory

     5. Organization Structure

     6. Compensation Data Form (input job compensation data on this form)

     7. Compensation Practices

     8. Shift Differentials

     9. Recruitment and Retention

    10. About ATWATER MARTIN

For questions regarding the Power Community Survey, contact Brenda Lister at 267.702.2070 or email:

Submit your completed Excel file no later than Friday, January 28, 2022 to:

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