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US Pay Transparency Laws by State 2023

Included in the March 24, 2023 PayAnalytics blog, this essay titled: “US Pay Transparency Laws by State 2023”  is critical for compensation professionals today. Here's why.

"While there is no comprehensive federal pay transparency law in the United States, pay transparency laws at the state and city level are becoming increasingly prevalent. These regulations require employers to be more transparent with salary ranges and benefits, and they aim to help promote fairness and equity in the workplace."

"Each law is different and handles requirements differently. Depending on the jurisdiction, these laws require employers to:

  • Disclose salary ranges to applicants at a specified point during the hiring process

  • Disclose salary ranges to employees upon request

  • Disclose salary ranges in job postings

Pay transparency has ample benefits. We’ve compiled a list of states and localities that have enacted pay transparency laws. This list also includes details on which employers are impacted and on the specific requirements."


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