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HR as a Service

More than ever before, today's talent pool is looking for employers that invest in their well being.

No HR Department?  

Some organizations may not have a human resources function within their organization. However, HR support is a critical component of running an organization effectively, efficiently and legally. The Atwater Martin Team has the ability to provide on-going human resources services, including:

Talent Acquisition

Compensation Management

Performance Management

Employee Relations



Policy Development

Process Development

Organization Development


Have an HR Department,  

But No Pay and Rewards Function?


Perhaps you may have a human resources function, but not a pay and rewards specialist. 

The Atwater Martin Team has the expertise to provide on-going pay and rewards support, including:


Salary Range Development

Job Evaluation

Competitive Market Analysis

Market Surveys

Benefits Planning

Bonus and Incentive Plan Development

Recognition Program Development

Total Rewards Profiles


Need Employee Development

Through Training?


Training and Development is very important to ensure that the organization has the talent required for success and to prepare employees for success in current roles, as well as development for future roles. Atwater Martin provides various training programs, including:

Leadership Training

Compensation Training

HR Compliance Training

FLSA Training

Performance Management Training

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

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