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HRsenal TOOL

Helping Hiring Managers Make
Accurate Data-Driven Decisions

In today’s competitive market, it's imperative for organizations to make the best decisions based on accurate data regarding the talent in the organization. An organization’s goals can only be accomplished if the talent is available. Having important people related data allows you to:

    Provide valuable input on how to deploy current talent in relationship to strategic goals;

   ● Complete an analysis regarding current state--quickly;

   ● Identify skill gaps to accomplish strategic goals;

   ● Streamline processes to increase available time working on major organization goals;

   ● Provide “just-in-time” reporting of people metrics;

   ● Provide the results of major Human Resources process’, such as recruiting, performance management, culture, training and development, and compensation.


Do you have a limited Human Resources department spending a significant amount of time on manual processes?  Been invited to the table, but no time to take a seat–or, when you're there, you can’t answer the questions due to a lack of data analysis?


Atwater Martin can develop customized tools that increase your efficiency in gathering and delivering important data plus the tools to optimize your tracking processes.


Discuss Goal
  • Discuss opportunities to increase efficiency.

Collect Data
  • Collect current information and desired future state.

Design Tool
  • Identify and build the best tool to address requirements.

Build Custom Reporting
  • Identify reporting requirements to build custom reports.

Customize Design
  • Customize the design to align with business goals.

Test Solution
  • Ensure design meets requirements.

  • Revise as required to meet business requirements.

  • Align brand with business strategy.

  • Delivery of the customized tool for your business with access to a support team for questions and training.

Total Rewards Profiles ● Employee Data Tools (HRIS) ● Job Evaluation Tools ● Performance Management Tools
● Compensation Planning Tools

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