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We bring the right combination of experience, knowledge and expertise to produce optimum results. Our team is comprised of people who have managed your side of the desk. We are keenly aware of our client’s desire for excellence and cost-efficiency in all of the solutions we offer. 

Atwater Martin delivers customized human resource management systems, solutions and tools that are designed to align employee performance and contribution with company strategy. We do not offer pre-packaged or “canned” solutions in search of a problem. We assist our clients in asking the key questions: Is what we are doing yielding the results we need and desire? What do we need to do differently to achieve the desired end results? What are we doing right that needs to be done even better? Each engagement starts with an assessment of organization’s current practices.


The “AM” Operating Model is a team approach in which we work closely with our clients to understand their business, their goals and their desired future state of organizational effectiveness. We gather information while using our knowledge and expertise to develop actionable recommendations based on evidence and analytics, so that barriers to success and end results are identified and overcome.


We train and prepare your staff so that they may operate at levels that produce optimal results. While we understand that each company is unique, we won’t hesitate to recommend a “turnkey” solution when appropriate. 

In short, we commit to developing the best possible outcome for each and every project we execute. 


At Atwater Martin, the client is our focus. We commit to deliver intelligent and business based consulting and technical assistance to meet and exceed client expectations in a  cost-efficient manner. We bring the right combination of proven professional expertise, services and tools that help our clients function optimally.

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Our values are simple: we commit to

assembling the best talent and tools we

can bring to every engagement. We will

assist our clients in achieving their

desired outcomes, and we will do

so with integrity, care,

competence and in the

most cost-effective manner.

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